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Smokey Water Trash-the-dress shoot: Boyd and Genevieve

smokey water trash-the-dress waves crashing the rocks with bride and groom

Smokey Water Trash-the-dress shoot: Boyd and Genevieve Boyd and Genevieve had their beautiful wedding a while back, at Providence. They chose to have their stunning smokey water trash-the-dress shoot at Thompson’s bay. We arrived at Thompson’s bay to start the shoot on the amazing looking rocks. That was a lovely way to start this shoot […]

Artistically Painting Trash-the-Dress Shoot: Sarah & Dennis

Sarah and Dennis decided to artistically paint and have their mom as well. To begin painting the couple to trash Sarah’s dress. They chose to do this at Ushaka.  This couple was seriously brave, by deciding to throw paint over their wedding dress. Normally trying to be an artist with doing a trash-the-dress shoot at […]