Sarah and Dennis decided to artistically paint and have their mom as well. To begin painting the couple to trash Sarah’s dress. They chose to do this at Ushaka. 

This couple was seriously brave, by deciding to throw paint over their wedding dress. Normally trying to be an artist with doing a trash-the-dress shoot at the beach. You can dry clean the dress the next day. However, when you do it with paint the dress is definitely gone for good! 

Sarah and Dennis had a Catholic wedding on the Friday before their wedding. They then had another ceremony on the day of their wedding. This meant that she had two dresses. She decided that one of them was cheaper and that she no longer wanted it. Therefore this was the one that she decided was going to be artistically painted on. 

When the dress had been painted on it ended up being a masterpiece. Sarah, was a real artist herself here as she still loves that dress now for the funky look that it has. 

Which Sarah’s new dress we decided to go and shoot under the bridge at Ushaka.  That was great, as the pillars of the pier had shells on it and added to the beautiful drama in the images. It all together just made it so romantic.




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