Brahman Hills Wedding: Ruan and Ruda

At the beautiful Brahman Hills, Just before lockdown started. I got to photograph the wedding of Ruan and Ruda. It was such a stunning day where the clouds were so beautiful.

Grooms Getting Ready

At the Happy Day Brewery at Netherwood. The day started off, casually with the guys chatting with a couple of drinks. All of us headed off to Brahman Hills for the guys to start getting ready. After we had done some unique shots in this lovely pub with these guys reminiscing.

Ruan and Ruda’s wedding colour was a beautiful maroon and this fitted in beautifully with the warm atmosphere at Brahman Hills. Ruan’s accessories made for fantastic photography options, particularly his aeroplane cufflinks! The guys enjoyed getting ready with loads of laughs and looked dapper in their wedding gear.

Brides Getting Ready

Then we chose to head off to see the beautiful bride getting ready, with all her lovely ladies in waiting. From the start, I could see Ruda was a natural beauty. Her make-up and her blue eyes popped, making for the perfect photographic opportunity! Ruda, her mom and her bridesmaids had a lovely time getting ready, whilst sipping champagne. There was a really special moment when the ladies managed to call Ruda’s other sister overseas. This added a lovely touch and a really emotional moment!

Ruda’s accessories were very pretty. The surroundings of Brahman Hills really allowed me to get creative with pretty pictures. One of Ruda’s accessories was a photo of her dad placed in a locket. I had to make sure I photographed this special item in the right way, as it was really touching to remember Ruda’s dad at her wedding, in some way.

Ruan and Ruda’s ceremony at Brahman Hills’ new underground wedding chapel was really beautiful, with Ruan tearing up as he enjoyed the special moment. It was a really great moment for me to see them sharing Holy Communion at their wedding.

Creative Shoot

The creative shoot at Brahman Hills was really special. The clouds came in with the most beautiful light on them. The colour also made them reminisce on something rare and unique, which you could see with the smiles on their faces. The timing was also spot on for this wedding. Through all of Ruan and Ruda’s emotions, which came up stunning in their images, the blue lighting was also spectacular.

Reception and Night Shoot

The wedding ceremony was followed by a jovial reception, despite the lockdown regulation of no booze – these guests did not let this regulation stop them from having a great time, particularly with the fantastically funny speeches and anecdotes!

As I whisked the bride and groom off for their night time creative shoot, we stumbled on some buck and just had to take a shot of them! Then we navigated to Brahman Hill’s underground bar area for some dramatic shots with Ruan and Ruda, and some candles. The creative shoot ended with a really dramatic puff of smoke in the road, to highlight this amazing couple and their amazing journey.

Take a squizz below to see a sneak peek of some of my best shots or go and have a look at their engagement shoot, when you are done. here.

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  2. Maretha Steyn says:

    Beautiful, stunning!! Thank you for wonderful memories and the professionality with which you’ve done it!

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