Gwahumbe Game Lodge and Spa Wedding: Giselle & Brad

This wedding at Gwahumbe was just before the lock down started for Covid-19. It was in the heartland of the Midlands. As the photographer, I felt really lucky and privileged that I got to shoot this stunning marriage the week before the lock down.

The love at this wedding was amazing that kept everything going like it should. The main goal in Giselle and Brad’s minds was for this marriage to happen. They had so many curve balls thrown at them. Even with photography you could not catch them. A big one was no alcohol after a certain time. Yet, themselves, the guests and Gwahumbe made this seriously special still.

In the Midlands this day went like clock work and made it so beautiful to shoot at. As the photographer, I chose to make sure that I had some absolute stunners planned for this wedding and a surprise in the evening with the night time shoot.

When I was shooting the groom and groomsmen. They decided that they wanted a shoot in the bar, at Gwahumbe. They chose to do this for that one last beer before the ruling of no alcohol started at this wedding. It was great fun shooting the photography of their smiles and fun there.

The bride and bridesmaids were a little different, here at Gwahumbe. They were a lot more happy having their make up and hair done, getting ready for the wedding and the photographer.

Luckily for the couple there was a giraffe at Gwahumbe, available for their images and that was really special. Go through to see those wonderful images. If you look at the Midlands Meander you will find other venues with wildlife too.

At the bottom of the page, you can see the amazing night time photography images. Enjoy!

Photographer at Gwahumbe wedding with a lovely reception in the midlands
Photographer at Gwahumbe wedding with the groom posing in the midlands

Some of the other wonderful suppliers that made this wedding possible :

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