Winding River Rustic Shoot: Ruan & Ruda

Ruan and Ruda came down from Gauteng to experience their lovely engagement shoot here in Howick in Kzn. They opted to have their shoot at the Karkloof Falls picnic site, for a rustic, winding river shoot.

I left Hillcrest super early to meander along dirt roads to the venue. So early in fact, that it was still very chilly! When I arrived at the picnic site, I was a little concerned, as Ruan and Ruda hadn’t yet arrived… And there was no cellphone signal. To my relief, they eventually arrived, for a chilly, yet stunning morning sunrise shoot.

We started off this engagement shoot by taking simple, rustic and cute shots, which really emphasised the emotion between this lovely couple. Ruan and Ruda were the perfect couple to shoot in this way. They could just be natural and down to earth, as they already are.

They were also very willing for me to get creative with their engagement shoot. So, getting really rustic, Ruan took his socks off and we made our way into the winding river. There, I managed to snap some really sweet and emotional, photos of the pair. I really felt the love between Ruan and Ruda, as they sat on the rocks for me to shoot.

We meandered out of the winding river and I found some yellow flowers and shot Ruan and Ruda through them. This added a lovely warm, intimate glow to the rustic shoot. This captured the couple enjoying the moment together.

Ruan and Ruda left ahead of me but had, on the way up, stopped to have a look at Howick Falls. They asked me to take a few shots there, and I managed to take a great shot of Howick Falls waterfall, as well as the perfect tourist-shot for this lovely couple 😉 Scroll further to see the shots.

We all left the shoot smiling from ear to ear after a great rustic shoot and this set me up to shoot their wedding at Brahman Hills a few weeks later. Check their wedding out here.

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