Smokey Water Trash-the-dress shoot: Boyd and Genevieve

Boyd and Genevieve had their beautiful wedding a while back, at Providence. They chose to have their stunning smokey water trash-the-dress shoot at Thompson’s bay.

We arrived at Thompson’s bay to start the shoot on the amazing looking rocks. That was a lovely way to start this shoot for the two of them, with all of the fantastic waves coming in over the rocks.

The life guard, came to warn us of the tide coming in. Also that it would be a problem getting through the hole in the rock if we did not move to the rock pool soon.

The funniest part happened there. This was with us moving across fast and Genevieve getting soaked by all of the water from a wave. This definitely had her prepared for the drown-the-gown part of the shoot.

We shot the smokey part of this water trash-the-dress shoot next. Using smoke bombs can be a lot of fun when you have planned what you are looking for first. Therefore, as you can see these images have come out so dramatic and stunning!

The water part of this smoke and water shoot became challenging. This was because the tide had come in. Have a look to the bottom to see how the images looked 😉

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