Talloula Wedding: Lauren & Richard

Talloula is where Lauren and Richard chose to have their wedding. Yet, Lauren and Richard chose a few different places around Hillcrest and Monteseel for their gorgeous wedding too!

Therefore, Richard and his groomsmen went to Deacons in Hillcrest for a grooming of their beards. Where this place is absolutely amazing and is a really nice place for your manly bearded men to get a good grooming 😛

Lauren and her bridesmaids had a lovely time at Talloula getting ready for Lauren’s most amazing and special day!

Later on after the bride and grooms beautiful ceremony. The creative shoot destination was chosen in Monteseel, for some superb images up in the mountains. However, they were so worried about the rain changing. Which, thanks to all of our experience we can shout some seriously stunning and dramatic images. Especially, when the storm clouds begin to roll in with all of the wind 🙂

However, The day rolled on with beautiful and funny quirky moments too! Yet, the night-time shoot like it always does stole the show a little again. This being as it was unique different and special.The shots of Lauren and Richard were taken under a cool arch feature that Talloula has on its property.

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