Eden Lassie Wedding: Diane & Delwade

An Eden Lassie wedding in its own way is always beautiful. The weddings here most of the time always has some really stunning sunsets.

Diane and Delwade, both decided to get ready at Trevton Farm. The breakfasts there are really amazing and delicious!!! Yet, the gents decided to have fun playing a bit of soccer for their casual shoot! However, I was shocked to see a Manchester United Groom allowing a Liverpool fan to be his groomsman! Lol

The Brides side getting ready was far more sentimental, than the grooms side getting ready. Therefore, it was so beautiful to be in all of the beautiful moments that the ladies had there, whilst getting ready…

The ceremony at the Eden Lassie Wedding venue is always beautiful with the ceiling that they have in their chapel! However, the bride and her mom added to the beautiful feel of this wedding, by adding some ropes to cut as they walked down the isle together. Yet, the moment that brought a tear to my eye too, was when the mom hugged Delwade to hand over Diane. Seeing a bride have a little tear is always so gorgeous to see.

The rest of the creative shoot was around the lake and by the cows around the back, which most people do not know about. The night photography was done on the bridge and with Eden Lassie’s lovely fairy lights. Yet, take a look to the end to have a superb look-see… enjoy 🙂

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