Cranford Country Lodge Wedding: Therese & Jarrad

Cranford Country Lodge Wedding: Therese and Jarrad haled from Australia to celebrate their beautiful wedding in stunning South Africa, with their family and friends from all across the world.

Therese cares for horses and actually breeds them in Australia. This was probably the deciding factor which led her to select a beautiful venue like Cranford Country Lodge. At Cranford, beautiful horses are stabled, adding a touch of serenity. They even have their own little lake, making this particular wedding venue a charming place to take stunning shots of beautiful brides!  

Therese made for a stunning bride and unsurprisingly, the presence of the horses made her appear fabulously calm and ready for the big and exciting day ahead. It was a pity that her dad was not able to be at the wedding. Despite this, he was still with us in many ways and definitely wasn’t forgotten.

Jarrad and his crew had the greatest time fishing before the wedding and then enjoyed putting their lovely suits on. I must say, they all cleaned up very well! The day flew by, especially with Jarrad’s dry and witty humour. This really added to the fun of the day and made everyone feel completely relaxed.

Therese and Jarrad’s entire day was amazing and concluded with some stunning night-time shots. I love getting creative – particularly with night time shots. With the right lighting and a bit of imagination, anything is possible. I’m sure you’ll agree that these kinds of shots really just seem to add that magical touch. 

With Jarrad’s great jokes and funny moments, with all the serene surroundings, I will definitely remember this wedding for a long time. It was such a pleasure being part of this amazing couple’s wedding. 🙂

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